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TMS delivers magnetic stimulation to the brain. The technique involves placement of a small coil over the head; a rapidly alternating magnetic pulse is passed through the coil wire, producing a magnetic field that passes unimpeded through the brain. This helps boost brain activity in the area of the brain responsible for depression.

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We’ll determine if criteria are met for TMS treatment after a 60-90 min evaluation with Dr. Johnson.


Most insurance companies will require prior authorization. It can take from 3-10 days to receive a decision.


At your first appointment we will determine proper treatment location and dose and then complete a full TMS treatment session.


You will receive daily TMS treatments Monday through Friday for anywhere from 3 to 9 weeks, depending on your needs and insurance.


If additional treatment sessions are needed, a new authorization can be requested from your insurance company.


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TMS treatment is covered by most insurances and you may need to pay an insurance copay or percentage (coinsurance) at each session, per your insurance’s requirements. We work diligently to obtain TMS treatment approval and will review your benefits with you prior to starting the TMS treatment course.


“The past 3 years I’d found myself in such a dark, scary place and it just kept getting darker.  My depression had me pushing everyone away. I lost the love of my life and time with my children.  I was suffering at work and in everyday life. I wanted help; I knew I needed out before it swallowed me forever.  My PCP wasn’t listening to me, and the darkness was becoming all I could see.  I was contemplating Suicide daily and I was getting scared because it seemed like the only escape.

Then I saw a post on Facebook about a job opening.  I reached out asking questions about a potential “job opportunity” because hey maybe a drastic change would fix me?  Instead, I learned what this clinic did, and I was intrigued and desperate.  So, I reached out and asked for help as I’d been doing for MONTHS – YEARS with my Doctor but it was different this time.  These people LISTENED and they were telling me they could help me.  I had for a moment the tiniest sliver of Hope.

So, I did the evaluation and learned more about the actual treatment procedure, and I thought HA! Yeah right!  But I hung on to that sliver of hope because what did I have to lose right?  And even though I thought daily of killing myself I didn’t WANT to die.  (Crazy how that works!)

I went to my first appointment, and I was blown away by the staff, they were so amazing! Welcoming, friendly, encouraging, and genuine!  I felt like these guys are amazing but “this must be some kind of Hocus Pocus, it’ll never work” (every med has failed me) but they BELIEVED in me! They made me want to try!  They became my biggest cheerleaders and reminded me what an amazing cheerleader I am!  And that you’ve got to root for yourself and give yourself some grace.

The journey was AMAZING!  I can’t even begin to tell you the transformation I felt inside. I was HAPPY again!  It didn’t happen immediately, it was gradual. Sometimes I didn’t even realize how awesome I was doing until I went to my appointment and filled out my paperwork and was blown away at the answers I could give!  My technician was seriously the best! She would tell me every day about how proud she was of me, even on my hard days. And honestly there were a few really hard days, but I went, and I gave it my all.

And guess what? I got better!  Do I still have ups and downs? Yes, but they’re normal and honestly everyone has moments when they’re sad.  I don’t obsess about them. I don’t think about suicide or live in the darkness.  I process things differently, I react differently, in healthier ways. And I’m not on a single depression medication!

TMS seriously changed my life!! I tell so many people about it because prior to starting treatment I’d never even heard of TMS. Everyone’s answers for me were always “let’s try a new depression medication.”  I was honestly on the verge of ending it all and these people – this clinic, saved my life. So, if you’re in a dark place let them save yours or at least let them try. What do you have to lose? I lost the darkness; it was worth it!”

“Attention Depression Sufferers:

Here’s the scoop. As I come to the end of my treatment sessions, I feel like I need to share… sort of a testament (unsolicited).

I have had Chronic Depression for 32 years. Finally, someone, somewhere came up with what is today called TMS, or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. If you only knew everything I have tried up to this point. The switching around of the medications, job changes, heartaches, and sofas (in Dr. offices).

Out of desperation, I read this ad from Duluth TMS. I thought that maybe this could be my answered prayer. I went into Duluth TMS out of blind faith and an opened mind. Correct attitude is important.

I was stressed, depressed, restless, and yet extremely tired, irritable, and frustrated. Basically, well past overwhelmed.

Thing is that I never gave up hope. I discovered Duluth TMS and found out I no longer needed hope because I noticed a difference in my thinking from day one. My “Beck’s and “PHQ-9” scores were improving with each passing week. I couldn’t wait till my next appointment.

Magnets are my BFF! A Lifesaving and a load of thanks to Dr. Johnson and the staff at Duluth TMS”

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